The Durham Chapter - NCCU Alumni Association 
Post Office Box 20018-C - Shepard Station - Durham, North Carolina 27707

The primary mission of the Durham Chapter of NCCU Alumni Association is to help alumni stay connected to North Carolina Central University, classmates, colleagues, students and the "Eagle" community. To accomplish our goals, the Durham Chapter provides a variety of alumni services and social events designed to meet the diverse interest of NCCU alumni everywhere. Your financial support will assist our NCCU alumni "Eagles" to stay connected within the scope and meaning of "Truth & Service" with "Eagle Pride" Amplified!

We encourage you to join us for our Durham Chapter contribution to the NCCU "Food Pantry Drive."
If you would like to make an NCCU food pantry donation via CashApp or Paypal,

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Help support our Durham Chapter's alumni community service & social projects and NCCU Campus Food Pantry!

Help support the Durham Chapter's candidate for Mr. / Ms. Alumni. Your very generous donations are for NCCU student scholarships.

Help support our annual NCCU Spring Choir Concert and honor our NCCU Society of Golden Eagles via our annual "Tea Affair" Reception.